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Just wanted to send my appreciation to Queen Rose. She’s nothing short of Amazing! She’s the reason I was able to breastfeed my son for a year. I had tried with 3 other lactation consultants who had given up on me but Queen never did. She tried different techniques till we found what works for my baby and I. I’m forever grateful for this!




Hello, my name is Courtney. My son and I had services with Queen Rose at my home. Queen was very thorough, compassionate and caring for not only my son but also myself. Queen helped me prolong my nursing journey with many tips on how to feed and pump for feedings in between.  Queen would come for our scheduled visits and work with the baby and myself on his milestones, feeding and general interaction with toys and books. We would read, sing songs and play baby games/activities. She would notice that I was depressed or down and struggling. She would help me rest on the couch while watching her and my son interact. She noticed his speech and position of his feet were off and recommended we bring it to the pediatrician’s attention and got us introduced to programs to help my baby.  She will always be a big part of our home. We will forever be grateful for her. Thank you so much!
– Courtney and Baby



Miss Queen has been my daughter’s home visiting nurse and my lactation counselor for many months now. I am so happy to have looked into this services from this company (Queens Concierge Care LLC) referred to me by my friend and continue to appreciate and enjoy learning and discussing my daughter’s growth and our family’s growth. Queen always has my daughter and my family’s health, questions, and concerns at heart. She answers any questions I have at any time, especially in the earlier months when breastfeeding was a challenge. I continue to meet with her to ensure I’m doing what’s right and hitting milestones for my baby. She is just awesome! All around the board.

– Miss K.



Your impact, I can’t count but appreciate.
Through your expertise & numerous teaching (advice & knowledges) my motherhood experiences have been so easy & smooth till date. Starting from my first baby to this present one (third baby), you have always been my source help; guiding me on what to do & ones to avoid.
Sequel to that, you avail yourself always to take care of our (i & my kids) health needs & otherwise.
You have always given us all the resources we need. Having you as my home nurse is my best experience so far. The way you humble yourself to explain every bit of thing to me, stoops so low to play & interact with the kids while assessing them is so amazing; that alone shows how nursing career so well suits you. You are the best.
Thanks so much for all you do in this profession. God bless you Queen Rose!

– Stella


Hello, My name is Tashira, I met miss queen during my second trimester. During our first visit she was very thorough, professional and explained everything to me.
She was very heart warming and understanding, being that this was my first pregnancy and I was doing it alone. She helped me get focused and prepared to bring my bundle of joy into this world. She has such a big heart and her spirit brings nothing but joy. When I knew she was coming to visit, I would get excited so l can show her how much I have developed and how much my baby has developed. I loved every visit because I learned something new each time. She always came with the perfect information I need to know each month as my baby grew. Mrs. Queen is a blessing to have in my life & my child’s life. She still reaches out to make sure we are ok during this pandemic.

– Tashira


It is my pleasure to write about Queen’s Concierge Care nurses and Lactation consultants, they are compassionate and always ready to listen and help. My home visiting nurse and Lactation counselor was Nurse Queen.
She is a very nice and kind person, I felt so comfortable around her. She was always helping me with resources and made sure I got everything I ever needed for myself and the baby.
She also answered all my questions and taught me how to take care of myself and the baby including the developmental milestones and how to breastfeed properly.
My baby loves her and was always excited when she was around. I’m grateful she was a part of our lives.
Thanks Queen’s Concierge Care for ALL your help. I recommend this company to all mothers for their great services.

– Simi and Baby


My name is Helen. Queen’s concierge care services are helpful to me. The nurses and lactation consultants are very caring and compassionate. They continue to inform me and my family the best way to care for my baby and family, I remember when I almost gave up my goal of breastfeeding, because my baby couldn’t latch well, Miss Queen coached and gave me all information, I needed and that really helped me and my baby to meet our goal of breastfeeding and for that, my baby and I are grateful. I will recommend Queen to anyone. Thank you, Queen and God bless, you.

– Helen