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Queen’s Concierge Care was founded under the premises of love for family and care for mankind. Being the first of 8 children, I have always loved people especially children since I helped to babysit my siblings. During my working experience, I noticed how much pregnant new moms struggle with pregnancy discomforts and breastfeeding after delivery due to lack of support. With the help and support of my loving husband, we decided to create a business that will coach, educate and support moms throughout this period of their life. The goal is to help support our families, alleviate the fears of child delivery through education and provide care in the comfort of their homes in order to achieve good health and promote wellness in both mother and child.

We also discovered that the elderly need continuity of care from competent, compassionate, and professional care givers in the comfort of their homes. Queen’s Concierge Care direct care workers can provide all of this and more.

Who we are

We provide preventive care through health education and consulting to all our clients. Our nurses may travel with our clients to their appointments, take notes, and pick up their medication from the pharmacy. The nurses are able to effectively coordinate and schedule appointments so that the process is simple and easy for our clients.

Our services include but not limited to prenatal, postpartum care and breastfeeding coaching, education and support.

Our nurses with years of experience provide peace of mind, convenience, comfort, compassionate personalized care and privacy to all.

Peace of mind

Queen’s Concierge Care nurses and lactation consultant and counselors have years of experience that is beneficial to our clients.

Comfort and Convenience

We are available 24/7, all year round. Providing care from the hospital to your home or preferred location.

Personalized care

Care is tailored to meet individual clients need.


We are able to transport our clients to their doctor’s appointment and back.
The privacy of our client information is preserved and protected according to HIPPA regulations.

USA – Canonsburg PA

Telephone: 817-676-2100
Instagram: @queensconcierge
Facebook: queen’s concierge care LLC


No 15 Osa-Paul road
Thomas Estate Ajah Lagos Nigeria.
Telephone: +08054720104


No 4 Garba Ali Close,
Guzape Asokoro Extension FCT Abuja
Telephone: +08034514733