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In some African countries such as Nigeria, after delivery, most family members will take turns cooking and caring for the new mother and the baby. Mom is able to rest and have adequate sleep. This is called Omugwo in my IBO language.

During the Omugwo period, which lasts up to six months or more, family members or in-laws are there to wake mom up to breastfeed or bottle-feed the baby, and after that, she goes back to rest while they take care of the household chores. As a result, mom is less stressed and able to enjoy and celebrate the birth of her newborn baby.

Here in the US, there may be times when some moms find themselves alone during and after delivery. Queen’s Concierge Care nurses provide this support and care to these families in need during this crucial time of their lives.

After delivery, feeding tends to be the most important aspect of life for both the baby and the new mom. After discharge from the hospital, most new parents struggle, especially at night, with waking up every 2 to 3 hrs. to feed their baby as required.

In this case, Queen’s Concierge care nurses are available to help ensure that mom is able to keep to the baby’s feeding schedule. The consultant nurse will provide information about when and how much to feed the baby. At night the nurse is able to wake the new mom up to either breastfeed or bottle-feed her baby. They are providing the families with comfort, convenience, and peace of mind of knowing that their newborn baby is adequately fed.

We also work with mom to plan for her meals after discharge from the hospital. This helps to reduce the stress of cooking and to try to feed the family immediately she arrives home from the hospital.

Education about Child Care and Discomforts after delivery

Most new moms struggle with the care of their baby after discharge from the hospital. They may not be able to tell if the baby is thriving or not. Some may be worried about how to bath the newborn, how to care for the umbilical cord, circumcision, etc. Our nurses help to alleviate this fear and concern through education. They teach families about child developmental milestones and how to help babies meet these milestones. The nurse consultant is also able to assess the new mom and teach self-care after delivery.

Mental Health Assessment, Education, Resources, and Referrals.

After delivery, the mom is assessed for postpartum depression. We provide our clients with available resources and referrals.

Newborn Assessment

Babies are assessed and weighed to determine adequate growth, and their heights and heads circumference is measured. The result can be discussed and shared with the pediatrician at the family’s request.